Since then I've spent my life writing, teaching, and continuing to travel, visiting every continent except Australia, living and working in Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Rome, Granada, Bombay, Bangkok, and Tokyo, teaching at the University of Hawaii, Hunter College, New York University, Shimokitazawa Language School, and the Sorbonne-Pantheon.

I am a recipient of the Joseph Henry Jackson Award in Literature, and served for several years on the Fiction Award Committee of the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington.

Little Machines Press/Roots Digital Media has just republished my first two novels.

THE RAP,, is about the attempted assassination of a famous black revolutionary in a state prison. 

SELENA,, is about a beautiful Mexican-American union organizer in the fields of Central California.

My new work of fiction, BLOOD MOON, which is based upon the experiences of my Arizona ancestors in the  bloodiest land war in the history of the West, will shortly be published by Little Machines Press/Roots Digital Media as well. 

My father and uncles were correctional officers, and I was raised on the grounds of prisons all over the state of California.

I worked my way through college in the tomato fields of the Great Central Valley and as a guard at San Quentin Prison, where I served in Death Row, the Big Yard, and as a rifleman in the gun towers. Eventually I received an MA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.

After a stint in the US Army, I spent several years working my way around the world as a deckhand, dishwasher, reporter, money changer, movie extra, bartender and ESL teacher. I hitchhiked from California to Argentina, France to Singapore, and then on to Japan. Eventually I backpacked across Soviet Russia to Europe. In many ways I felt like an escaped prisoner.

Finally I settled in Paris, where I lived the cliché of "the penniless artist." Yet it was in Paris that I wrote my first novel, THE RAP. Based upon my experiences as a guard at San Quentin Prison, it was a big hit, sold to the movies, and brought me literally from rags to riches, which I squandered by living the European high life for a couple of years.

This is me on my way round the world